Bacchus Figure, Staffordshire, creamware, c.1790


This creamware figure of Bacchus would make an attractive addition to any collection of early English pottery. He wears classical dress, holding a cup in his left hand and a ewer in his right. His hair is wreathed in grapes and vine leaves, and as the god of wine, these classical attributes also lie at his feet. His hair is loosely tied and falls over his left shoulder. The back of the figure reveals crisply moulded folds in his robe, and a fruiting vine near the base. The base itself has canted corners.

Condition: Excellent - no chips, cracks or restoration. The rich glaze is minutely crazed, a feature not uncommon with Eighteenth-Century creamware. There are two small firing cracks inside the base dating from the time of manufacture.

Dimensions: Height 7 1/2" (19cm)


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